Monday, December 23, 2019

School Day

Standing tied like a gentleman...

Checking out the trailer we borrowed from a neighbor just for loading lessons.

Leading down the driveway all by himself (mom is in the barn).

Playing with his toys during recess😀


  1. He doesn't look very impressed with that trailer.

  2. Ah, is it school time already? He seems to be taking it all in stride.

  3. Has he been weaned? I saw the video where he appeared to be calling his mom. He is such a handsome boy, Kris.... well done with him! I hope you and all your critters have a great Christmas.

  4. I hope it goes well! Love the commentary on the photos and he's a cute little fuzz butt!

  5. Such an awesome good boy! He is such a great asset to your family. Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off. 🎄