Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Wear

Preparing for the big storm by storing up the rare bit of sun and ready to show off the latest trend in cold weather wear.

Sweet, svlet, super-model Emma shows off the current winter fashions.

The epitome of grace and elegance...

She's been practicing that bored, glassy-eyed runway look.
It's not easy looking like you're too sexy to notice an apocalypse.

But some of us are just naturals. 


  1. What a beautiful Winter coat. Emma is definitely a survivalist. I've been thinking about you as I read about this Winter Storm coming your way. Stay safe, and warm. Rebecca2

  2. Emmas coat is lovely and perfect for a winter snow storm which I bet you are having today:)

  3. <3 Love emma. And she has a better attitude than me! Of course her workload would be less.

  4. My critters all have big heavy fluffy coats. Lil' Richard looks like a puff ball and the rest look like they are wearing shag coats. However, when they start shedding, the birds will have a hay day!