Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Trial and Error

Thank you all for your very generous and positive response to my Stoned Critters.  It is very much appreciated.  I have plans for others as well and will share them when (if) they happen:)

I have been playing around with the epoxies, mostly to get a feel for them and figure out how they work in different situations.  I always learn best by doing rather than watching so I tend to go straight to the trial and error stage after doing a bit of homework.  These are some of those trials....

Rocks in green mica.

Princess Pine

My bees swarmed this summer, but failed to find a home so they built a hive on the side of one of my small trees.  I tried to rehome them into a hive box, but they adamantly refused.  When the weather got cold, they did not last long out in the open, but they did leave some lovely comb behind.  This is a bit of brood comb encased in clear resin.

Tree twigs and green clay.

Winter beech twigs in the center, these would be leaves in the Spring.

Goldenrod fluff

Coal and coal-ash = light and dark ponies...These and the Stoned Donkeys are 2.25x4 inches

More honeycomb

Honeycomb from the bottom of the cells.

Fungus among us.

Bits of flower fluff in bracelets. 

If anyone would like any of these, let me know. I can get some some fittings for them so they can be worn as pendants.  The bracelets are rather small (and my hands are rather large), they would fit a child or small wrist. 

If you would like one of the Stoned Donkeys or ponies let me know about that as well.  I have thought of selling them on Etsy, but I have no idea what to charge.  Any thoughts about that???  What, if anything, would you pay for something like that?  I like making stuff, I do NOT like shopping:)


  1. Hi there, wow....how clever you are to do your crafts..I'm not sure what I would pay, but you need to get an etsy shop as I think they would sell really quickly!.. I love all your donkeys, they are such great characters, and you are so very kind to take them in. Sue

  2. I have also played with the epoxy resin. I have some of the same molds you do. I love, love, love the horse one above. I guess now I'm on a quest to find that one.

  3. Pricing is just the worst. So that epoxy is carvable?

  4. Totally love the fungus. You could make a small table top with all these interesting bits in it and sell it for gazillions! Okay maybe not gazillions but you get the drift, these are wicked cool.

  5. These are so neat! I think my favorites are the princess pine and the honeycombs. I like the ponies a lot too. I don't know how you'd price them but you could compare to similar things on Etsy. I know I've seen jewelry like that, but I haven't seen anything like the stoned donkeys.

  6. Nice variety! Epoxy craft/jewelry/woodworking seems to be a growing in popularity these days. For pricing, I would suggest searching Etsy for similar product pricing, terms, key wording, ideas & trends. It will be time well spent. Good luck, have fun & don't forget about us!!

  7. These are so cool Kris! I especially love the flower/fern pieces.(duh) If you can capture and preserve color in the epoxy I think summer wildflowers caught in the rings would make pretty sun catchers/mobiles. The stoned donkeys are adorable - can you also find smaller pebbles? Please keep going on this!

  8. You 'trial and error' really well!

  9. You should all see the cool turtle she made for me! In addition to a Ramsey look alike!!!

  10. You have made some way cool stuff. Could you attach magnets to the back of the honeycombs? I hope you have good luck selling them, I have no idea on pricing. I sell some carvings but most of my crafts I give away as gifts...I like the creating part but not the selling part. I have done a few summer craft sales...they have kept me in art supplies:)