Monday, October 15, 2018

Baby Unicorn

I got some baby pictures of Bill's new unicorn from yesterday's post...

All she needs is a horn...and probably a good fly mask and some sunscreen:)


  1. Beautiful baby. Your friend will need to buy all new tack and saddle blanket; you can't put just any old saddle on such a sleek beauty, for it would look out of place. Here under the hot desert sun, her coloration wouldn't fly. Rebecca2

  2. Beautiful. She has curls too. I looked up the website that you linked re the stallion farm. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing his wonderful news. Yes. Sunscreen is a must for these horses. A thoroughbred named alphabet soup is carefully watched for skin cancer. He is at Old Friends in Ky. He is almost all white, described I believe as a Roman but like so many he lightened up a lot.
    Love the updates on her. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful foal, Bill. I hope you have a grand time with her! I am sure you will have all kinds of fun adventures with her! Congratulations!

  4. With a set of wings she could be a Pegasus?

  5. I dislike Apple to spell check for me. Alphabet Soup is a ROAN......Not a Roman Ha,