Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Hooligan Brothers

Do Ben and Ramsey still play together now that the two hooligans have become such buddies?  Yeees.....however, Ben does not like the heat so he only plays late at night when I can't get any pictures.  He also had a bad abscess that took the fun right out of him for several weeks.  He is better now and thinking about taking up the feed-dish-wars once again - at night, in the dark. 

So, until Ben stops hiding from the sun like a certain red-head he knows, you will have to be contented with the endless shenanigans of the Hooligan Brothers.


  1. Poor Benny. Glad he's better and still wants to play.
    Give them sweet long ears all a hug from me.
    Happy weekend.

  2. Who needs television when you have all this "free" entertainment? LOL

  3. That they are BFFs does my heart good.

  4. I love the donkey play. They are so fun!