Sunday, June 24, 2018

Weed Eaters

The stone wall behind the barn has been getting more and more overgrown in the past few years.  I didn't help matters when I cut a bunch of the brambles back last year and they responded to this "pruning" by trying to eat the barn this year.

I decided that a new tactic was needed and, seeing as I have four perfectly good weed eaters just lying around, I decided to put them to work. 

At least I think they're in good working order...

 Once I got them up and moving again, they were more than happy to go to work.

The ferns are so big, they can almost hide a mammoth. 

Albert is not yet used to the idea that fences can magically move so he is staying extra close to his buddy while he tries to work out these new equations.. 

 It didn't take him long to get the math worked out....

....and decide that space travel is fun.

Weed eaters reporting for duty and ready to work.


  1. That looks like a mammoth task! You may need to bring in a couple of goats as assistants. Rebecca2

  2. Wait, what, you got another donkey? He looks sweet! I'm off to look for his story. Glad you've got some help wrangling that crazy growing stuff.

  3. That messy little star of his cracks me up, and he's a side-eye king to boot.

  4. It's good that they were able to muster the energy to work. :)

  5. It's hard to find well-informed people on this subject, but you seem like you know what
    you're talking about! Thanks

  6. :) They should do a fine job:) If not you need to borrow a few goats:)

  7. Albert??!!! Did I miss a new friend???

  8.'ll have them all on diets if they eat all that up :)