Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dressed for Battle

Furry little Albert has been working overtime to get shed out.  This is what I get from one pass on one side with the Furminator each morning.

As the fur flies, a few skin issues have revealed themselves and I am treating them as we go.  His poor little ears are especially chewed up and the black flies have been attacking them relentlessly.  The only way to keep them off and give his ears a chance to heal is to keep his ears completely protected from the bugs at all times.  The flies are at their worst at dusk and dawn, which are the two times of the day that I am not around when I have to go to work.  To give his ears a chance to heal I decided to alter one of the fly masks to make an ear protector he can wear all night.

I think it looks a bit like a jouster's helmet.

Little Albert Einstein, dressed for battle and ready to take on all challengers!


  1. Awwww Mom, I'm cute! Well, we have to do what we can. I spent $200 this week for fly killing stuff.

    I bought a ARBICO Organics solar fly and 4 packages of bait. Then bought PestZilla UV Light Zappers. The PestZilla killed the heck out of stuff in the barn last night.

    got 2 cans of fly spray for $15 a can on Saturday. Only spray that helps some. But, it doesn't last very long.

    We built 2 horse fly traps this weekend too. They are catching a few horse fly's. A water trap kind of like the Epps Biting Fly Trap. And another one that looks kinda like the Horse Pal.

    Any dead horse fly is now a good one. It's not biting or laying eggs.

    Take care,

  2. You did a great job grooming Albert! He looks great. Nice mask!

  3. That alteration to protect and give the ears some relief was a great idea. On a side note, I wanted to ask if you'd recommend a site where reputable breeders list their puppies, we'll be looking for a livestock guardian pup in the future as well. Thanks.

  4. That is the magnificent Battle Helmet of Donqui Xote! :D

    Watch out, windmills, there's a jousting donkey about!

    1. Donqui Xote!!! Very clever, love it :D

  5. Jouster? More like jester. He looks like he's about to juggle. He's smart enough to learn how to, isn't he? :)

  6. How wonderful are you!! That is perfect!! You should patent the design and make a million and retire!! I recall I used to lube up the cows ears in the summer if the biting flies were bad...I think I used Bag Balm:)