Sunday, January 14, 2018

Solar Powered Donkey Warmer

As seen on BlogTV:  A Solar Powered Donkey Toaster!  Available for a very limited amount of time so act fast.

For those rare cold, but sunny days, the dark brown wall and the black mats, all facing south, create an excellent donkey roaster. 

It requires frequent turning to get all sides of a donkey properly toasted, but built in automation takes care of that job with no need for additional assistance.

The toaster also comes standard with an automatic timer that will deliver a perfectly toasted donkey.  Once the nicely browned, the donkey will be ejected from the toaster and another will slide right into place.   

The wonders of robotic technology available here for a select few who act fast.  Hurry while supplies last!


  1. That is a wonderful toaster. You can see them soaking it up. Good thing you didn't spend money on heat lamps like in fancy schmancy barns. :)

  2. We have a similar model made for goats. Alas, the recent snow melt caused it to turn into a very cold wading pool. The goats called in the repairman, and after much shoveling and reworking of snow piles, the goat toaster was working again.

  3. Too funny. I love it. get toasty, donkeys!

    ps--I was proud of myself while watching Jeopardy the other night, None of the contestants knew what a hinny is, but i did. :-)

  4. Let’s hope this sunshine and toasting continues. Very ingenious. Your donkeys rock.

  5. I watch the bovine and the equine line up for the first rays of sun as it dips down into the valley.