Sunday, June 18, 2017

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Boy

I know after I posted pictures of the two grays hanging out together that some were concerned that maybe poor, little Ramsey had gotten left out.  Rest assured, cause it ain't so.  In fact this is still the most common configuration of the herd...

Ben and Emma get along well and both enjoy occasionally slipping off for a quiet conversation.  However, Emma and Ramsey remain inseparable.

Ramsey and Ben have a bit of sibling rivalry going on.  Or maybe it's more that seeing his mom hanging out with a handsome older fellow tends to put a kink in Ramsey's ears.  That's always the way it is when a young, single mom starts thinking about dating again right?

Ramsey likes to think he is the big man on the hill and occasionally tries to push Ben around.  Ben generally ignores this unless there is food involved.  If it comes down to a matter of inference with dinner, Ben becomes a tiger.  He gives Ramsey the evil eye and Ramsey suddenly remembers that he is the poor, poor, pitiful, put-upon baby donkey and comes looking for me to provide back-up.  He comes up next to me and leans into my hip and gets a sudden infusion of bravery.

Which is why there are always two nets filled with hay, guaranteed escape routes for big and small, and assigned seats at the dinner table.

And, lest you think it is all squabbles and fights, every morning after breakfast, is scratching time.  If I can get everybody to line up just right I can manage with only two hands.  If I scratch Tessa, she will start to groom Emma or Ramsey.  If I scratch Ben, he will do the same and suddenly, all the little quarrels disappear and it is one big happy family - our daily love fest.

All-in-all, the poor, poor, pitiful, put-upon baby donkey is still fairly sure that he is the center of the universe.


  1. ah Ramsey- it's good to know that you are still the most important being on the farm. :D

  2. Our 4 leggers. They are so spoiled. And have such personality. Everybody looks good.

  3. Ramsey exhibits the traits of a spoiled only child. I know; I'm one of them.

  4. Aww ~ it's always nice when the group gets on the same page with the love fest despite the ocasional family squabbles !

  5. What a fabulous group of photos. Must be the subject matter....

  6. Just checking on y'all. Hope all is well. All critters and you are doing good. Me, I'll be glad to have a 4 day weekend. Happy 4th of July.

    Take care,
    R from Mississippi