Friday, October 28, 2016

Sun Dreams

We all woke this morning to several inches of wet, heavy, slushy snow with wind and spitting sleet all day.

I have been trying since morning to remember why I stay here.

I still don't have an answer.

All I come up with are the bright moments to cling to.    

I am sooo not ready for winter.


  1. How nice, looks like Emma likes Ben also, and Ben is grooming her? Earning the right to use her as a head rest, like Ramsey does? Love those photos - and wish you lots more bright moments before winter...


  2. In my 25 years in NE I've noticed that early snows can mean a milder winter. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...and me. This Californian is so over the novelty of snow!

  3. All I can say about living up North is the same as you, cling o the bright moments. As an aside, the cols of living in the Asheville area is probably cheaper and gets 4 seasons. :)

  4. I'm so not ready for winter, either! Our weather is having a hard time making up its mind between Indian summer and fall.

  5. I miss real winter...not for the cold but for the insect and plant disease control! Oh yes apples like chill hours and cold winters! It is all balance. Your darling donkey's seem to do well there!