Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lip-Smacking Good

I went over to see Amos and Levi yesterday to work on their feet....

Amos is looking really good and is doing very well.  It's a little hard to tell because the weather has turned vile and no one was precisely "photo ready", but you can still see a lovely horse under the mud:)

Amos is really coming out of his shell and his true personality, both quirky and charming, is coming out.  He got a couple of apple flavored treats along the way and the whole time I was working on his feet, he was rhythmically slurping his tongue trying to get every smidgen of flavor out of each treat - like a kid with a lollipop.  I've never seen a horse get so much out of so little and he had me cracking up while I was working on him.  Silly boy.

Someone (Rebecca??) asked me if there was something odd about his hind legs.  The answer is: sort of.  He is a bit sickle hocked, which basically means that there is a little more forward curve in his hocks than is ideal....

...and his left hind bows out just a bit.

Technically speaking, these are conformation flaws.

Do they matter?

Since this horse is in his mid twenties, is completely sound, extremely fit and has literally thousands of hard-working miles on these legs, I sure don't think so.

Dave sent me a photo of Amos from before he bought him....
You can see that he was pure muscle with not a single ounce of extra weight on him.  He was driving 30 miles a day and has done that for most of his life.  We can all only hope to be as tough as he is at any age.

More about the feet coming up since I got off on a tangent with this post.....



  1. There's form and then function. I guess he's proved the function despite form.

  2. May God bless the man who rescued Amos and is giving him a good life now. I hope a surprise is waiting for the man who worked Amos into his former condition---and then would have simply shipped him.

  3. Amos looks starved in that last photo. He looks much better now. I love his story.

  4. He looks like a hard working horse. I am glad he can enjoy retirement now!