Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Stills - F

This week's challenge is the letter F.  We are still sunk deep into the super deep-freeze.

The light has been interesting, but VERY cold.

It is tiresome.

So, the rest of these are from the archives.  From warmer days.


  1. A lovely mix of pictures, so many good ones to choose from... fav would have to be those delightful donkey feet though! They are super cute :-) Hope you're all surviving this awful weather for you again, we've got torrential rain here today, I understand the tedium when it just seems Spring is never on the way!

  2. Being a fabulous fan of fungi, I love those fungi shots! I think I miss that part of summer the most along with the wild flowers in the woods.

    Beautiful shots.
    Still -F huh?
    We are going to be something like -23 on Monday night.
    If it gets above zero again we'll be doing the happy dance!

  3. i like the filtered light in a couple of these.

  4. Fine collection of foto's! The crashed trio of furry felines are too funny!!

  5. My faves are the shots of the woods. Very nice.