Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hunkered Down

So far, what the new year has brought is snow and COLD.  We've gotten about ten inches of snow today and the temperatures have fallen well below zero with wind chills expected to be at -25.  Up here on the hill at the wind capital of the county, it is liable to be even worse. 

Early this afternoon, it was snowing steadily, but not too bad yet and I took the donkeys for a walk.  They thought I might have lost my mind at first, expecting them to go out in the snow, but once we were moving, they had fun. 

I don't know what I was thinking this morning when I walked out of the house without my camera, I figured it was snowing so hard that there was no point.  Foolish me.  So, instead of pictures, imagine a snowy, woodland scene straight out of the Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe, with a couple of prancing fauns capering in the snow.  When we got out into the hemlock woods, Ramsey had a fit of the zoomies and ran and ran round and round in and out of the trees, bucking, kicking and making squeaky little donkey noises.  He was a joy to see.  I would have liked to let Emma join him, but I was afraid they might get a bit too carried away and go off adventuring on their own.  Can't have that. 

The donkeys don't enjoy running in the open field half as much as they love dashing round obstacles, the more the better.  They love weaving patterns, dodging in and out, jumping ditches and logs.  I am not at all sure that Ramsey should be jumping things, but I don't see how I could stop him.  I am not sure that I would if I could.  Life is to be lived and unfettered joy is rare enough as it is.  I will never ask it of him, but I will not stop him doing the things he loves. 
Tonight, they are back in their barn, with an unlimited supply of straw and hay to keep them warm, not likely to do more than poke their noses out until the wind and blowing snow lets up.  I can't blame them, it's COLD.


  1. Awwww, silly Ramsey. I think it is cool that you let him have his fun.
    Stay warm my friend!

  2. Stay warm and cozy up there on your farm .... or ... pack up the gang and come and visit us in balmy BC Canada! Gosh ... wouldn't THAT be fun?!?!

  3. I can see that. Our critters were bouncing and running last night just before the sun set.
    I don't know if it was 'feel' good or what!

    If you have a pocket camera it shouldn't harm it to have it with, but beware of when you bring a camera in from the cold. Seal it in a plastic bag while outside and then bring it in to warm up. It keeps it from warming up too quickly and getting moisture in all the electronics.

  4. sounds like a wonderful outing full of snow-joy. :)

  5. Hemlock! We have lots (too many) of cedar trees. That is why I can't grow an apple tree. I am still planning for 2 donkeys. You have the two cutest ones though!

  6. Just FYI....we are getting -27 F for regular air temps on Sunday night. I certainly hope you will not experience that.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    And...keep warm.
    I've moved the aged mule to our warmest place ... the machine shed.
    The others are in the woods and perfectly happy.

  7. We are warming up this weekend....hope you are too.

  8. Been thinking of you guys with that awful weather you've been having! Hope you're all staying warm and safe. Love the description of Ramsey with the 'zoomies' this is what we always call it when our long dogs get the wind under their tail - just as apt for a donkey!

  9. Crazy weather! Stay warm and stay dry and give all those critters big warm hugs and lots of hay. Loved the tale of walking with the donkeys and am still out here reading even when I can't comment!

  10. We had a record (for all of us) -16* here in december (!!!!!), but since then, it's been unseasonably NOT cold, and dismal snowfall. I sure hope that changes!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond