Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trail Donkeys

I've been out in the woods with my trail donkeys again.  We've been taking things very slowly, going out 2-3 times a week starting out with just 10-15 minutes at a time.  I am not really sure how much exercise Ramsey's foot is up to so I am trying to err on the side of paranoia.  He is doing very well though and exercise is the best thing for stimulating healthy hoof growth so we have upped the time to 30-40 minutes for the last two days.

Donkeys, at least my donkeys, love, love, LOVE getting out to explore and they have taken to begging at the gate for hiking time.  Emma, especially, stomps off in a huff if I have to tell them no.  They have both figured out that they have to wear their halters when we go out (it's almost the only time that they do) and they have taken to trying to steal the halters out of the tack room and getting them on themselves.  I so wish I'd had the camera ready when they tried that stunt!

We always start out with both donkeys on the lead rope and we all walk together on the road or in the open.  Once we are well into the woods though, I usually lead just one or the other, which has been working out well.  I just wish I could convince Tanner to join us, but he will have no part of hiking with donkeys.  It just isn't done.

Going out with Emma and Ramsey is a lot like going out with a couple of very happy dogs.  Their sheer enthusiasm is infectious.

I'm envisioning a harness for these two some day....

They both show an almost uncanny ability to find and follow the trail, even newly constructed parts of the trail that have only been used a couple of times.

Ramsey had never seen this trail before, but he knew just where to go.

And just where to find the best bits of tasty moss.


  1. I can just see them in harness in a couple of years, too.
    Or ponying along behind Gabe... what fun you'll have!

  2. Nice that you have peaceful woods to explore, resulting in sweet adventures.

  3. They certainly look like they are having fun! Just like my dogs would and that is kinda cool.

  4. Wow they mind better than my dogs do...but then that isn't saying much! LOL

    I think its funny that Tanner won't go. He has such high standards on who he will risk being seen with.

    It would be awesome to see pictures of them trying to get dressed on their own!

  5. I am envious - what a wonderful feeling it must be to hike in the woods with those 2 sweet companions!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. And people think donkeys are dumb! I have one that when she needs a scratch she will point with her nose to the spot. If I don't do it right she too will stomp off in a huff!

  7. Love this! You are the first person I know to go on walks with donkeys. Goats yes, donkeys no.

  8. What a great place for a hike! The trail thing always just fascinated me. The cows and sheep do it too!

  9. This is the most lovely post! It's so nice to see donkeys out enjoying walks and exploring, they love to do things and are such great company :-)

  10. Did you ever think that Ramsey would be WALKING through the woods and enjoying it so after all he's been through? Brava, Kris!

  11. Donkeys are naturals at following trails. They will follow deer trails very well. I used to hike with my gelding Eddie.
    He is now old enough to be able to begin saddle training.
    I just found your blog through The Skoog Farm Journal.
    Nice to meet someone else with awesome donkeys.

  12. Whoops...I found this through The Three Muleteers...