Friday, May 24, 2013

The Last Straw

Most of you will probably remember that I have had trouble with Gabe being too rough with Ramsey a couple of times in the past (click here if you missed that).  I have been trying to find ways around this and have been working with Gabe as some people suggested.  As long as Gabe is on a lead, bridled, under saddle, tied up, whatever, he is good with the donkeys.  He likes the donkeys.  He especially likes Ramsey and wants to play with him, and that is the trouble.  Gabe's idea of "playing" with Ramsey is going to kill him one of these days.

I got Gabe at a time when I, and and every expert I consulted, thought that Tessa would never be rideable again.  When she proved all of us wrong last summer, I kept Gabe because he is such a nice horse and it became so convenient for Riding Buddy and I to ride out together on the two of them. The truth is though, that I don't really need or have time to work two young horses and a couple of weeks ago, Gabe got out with the donkeys and knocked Ramsey over again.  It was really the last straw for me.

This may seem sudden because I have not been writing about this for a while, but believe me, it isn't.  I have been agonizing over this decision for ages now and after discussing it with Riding Buddy and Farm Buddy as well as the woman who gave Gabe to me, I've decided to put him up for sale.

Chasing Ramsey is not not something that Gabe is going to grow out of, it gets worse every day not better.  Gabe has developed a taste for it and, like a horse who really loves to chase cows, it is not going to go away.  Gelding Ramsey had no impact whatsoever.  Building Alcatraz fencing won't help when storm-downed-tree-limbs wreck a section of fence, which is what happened last time.  This is a farm and stuff happens on farms (as today's little adventure with a stuck cow so aptly proved.  I'll tell you about that in a day or two).  I live alone and am gone to work for hours at a time.  I have to be able to leave my property with at least a fair degree of certainty that all will be well while I am gone.  Worrying about Gabe getting out with Ramsey is just getting to be too much.  If it turns out that I ever really do need two riding animals, there are lots of other critters out there who could use the help I could provide if I had an opening.

So, if there is anyone out there in Blog Land who is interested in a really good, sound, sane, well mannered and beautiful young gelding with tons of riding miles under his hooves who just can't be trusted around smaller animals, get in touch.  My email address is aerissana at gmail dot com.

Also, don't worry about Gabe.  He is not in any danger of getting shipped off to some auction or handed off to just any old warm body.  He is not going to end up in a slaughter house.  He dos not need rescuing, rehabilitating or any other such thing.  This is a good horse, a very valuable horse.  I am not interested in finding just any home for him, but in finding the right home for him.  He deserves it.  Even if he does chase my beloved little donkeys...

"Who me?"

"Do I look like I would do such a terrible thing?"

"I'm innocent I say!  I am sweet and kind and It's just a game...."


  1. Well darn! You have tried. It's all you can do. I'm sure the right person for Gabe will come along. I wish it could be me.
    Hard decision to make, to find just the right place for such a fine fellow.

  2. I am sorry that you have had so much stress about this. Not that I will probably be able to find a taker all the way out here but I will put word out. Di

  3. Ah, Gabe. I love all your equines from afar, but totally trust your instincts. Gabe is a beautiful horse and I know you'll find him a good home. I'll miss Hippo in the herd, but am relieved that Ramsey won't be in danger anymore. Someone will be thrilled to have Gabe!

  4. Gorgeous horse he is. I am sure you will find him an excellant home .
    We have a farm rule too, eveyone has to allow things go be calm on the farm. If a resident continually causes problems we do find them a more suitable situation ... but this pertains primarily to chicks that grow up to be bossy roosers. ;)

  5. A very brave but right decision for everyone, I'm sure it's been awful getting to this place but you are doing the right thing. When they get the taste for bossing donkeys around it stays and mishaps can happen.... I applaud you for doing the right thing for everyone, I know it must be tough.

  6. I know nothing about horses, although I have ridden a few times in my life. But I've had lots of other animals, and I understand the pain you went through in making that decision. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a great home for Gabe. That will make life easier for your donkeys and you. Thank goodness Tessa doesn't have the same problem!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. Kris, brava to you for facing it and making the decision! Gabe is a beauty, and someone will come along who will be just right for him! I hope it's soon, too!

  8. Sometimes you just have to make the best decision for the entire family. He'll end up in a good home I'm sure1

  9. I feel for you, and I know it must have taken you a lot to make this decision and that you will also find the very best home for him. Sometimes we have to make thse hard decisions but they are the right ones. I learned the hard way after I ignored many warning signs and had that animal kill one of my others. I listen to my gut now and it's never failed me. Just went through this with my cow. So my heart goes out to you because I know it's hard... but it's right. Hope the right homes comes along easily and everything falls into place :) When it does you'll feel better too!

  10. What a terribly tough decision to have to come to, but absolutely the right one for both Gabe & Ramsey. They don't know what size they are & soldiering on in just waiting for an accident to happen.

    I wish I could help, but transatlantic horse shipping is a bit too pricey to consider. I'll just have to make do with supoortive messages & good vibes. Wishing you luck in finding a Gabe-sized hole in the perfect someone's life :)

  11. What a tough decision & absolutely the right one for Gabe & Ramsey. Just leaving them alone to work things out is almost waiting for an accident to happen.

    TransAtlantic shipping costs are to high for me to contemplate helping. I'll just have to be content with supportive messages & good vibes. The perfect person WILL be out there, with a Gabe-shaped hole in their life & you will meet, coz you deserve to :)