Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indecent Exposure

We have been enjoying a very rare, mild winter here.  The temperatures have been relatively balmy, it was actually in in the forties last week.  Much to my relief and the dismay of the crazies, er,um people who actually like the stuff, we have had almost no snow.  But, all good things must end.  Today's high temperature has only been about 12 degrees and the wind is howling.  Luckily, we didn't get all the snow that was being forecast.  Instead of the 12 inches we were being warned of, we only got about an inch (insert heavy sigh of relief here, sorry crazy people).  The low temps did have me concerned for Emma though as she does not like the cold.  Her blanket is not up to the job of keeping her warm enough on days like this.  Needing a way to keep her warm, I did what I always do, I improvised. 

I had an old wool cooler that I had bought at an auction about fifteen years ago and have had sitting around getting musty ever since.  After I bought it, I found out that it must have been made for something like a 22 hand tall Shire/elephant cross.  It proved to be fairy useless but, every time I thought about tossing it, I kept thinking it had to be good for something.  It is a nice heavy, wool blanket after all.  Well, it's time has come.  Cut in half and folded over on itself, it has become a toasty warm blanket liner.  I did have to make some modifications, I added some leg straps and a chest band to help hold it on.  In spite of my feeble sewing skills, it seems to be working.....
Emma: "MUST you take pictures of me in my underwear?  And you know, the green checkered dish towel/breast-band clashes horribly.  Don't you any fashion sense??"

Me: "Ummm no, I don't.  But, you'll be warm and the dish towel will hold everything in place."
Emma: "I think I better just eat more hay and try not to think about having embarrassing pictures plastered all over the internet.....Sheesh,, she even left my butt hanging out...

are you at least going to remember to give me another cookie?"....


  1. Emma does look a bit "put out" about the whole thing, but it does make a nice worm blanket.

  2. Good job of re-homing/reusing...Poor Emma. She is so very cute! But now is warm!

  3. How does she do in the cold? Does she shiver? Our donkey seems to handle it fine as long as she has food, the porker.