Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maternity Ward

This morning, Farm Buddy picked up 100 baby chicks at the post office.

This afternoon, another ewe had lambs - this time, a set of triplets.  Good thing FB found her in time as the first lamb was stuck with his head out, but the front legs folded back.  FB was able to sort him out and the other two lambs followed quickly on their own.  The ewe had also got herself stuck against a wall and couldn't get up afterward, but that was righted easily enough.  Sheep are so much easier to handle than cattle.  Disaster averted and all four are doing well now.  The first lamb's face is a bit swollen form being stuck, but he is drinking well and seems fine.

This afternoon, the last cow had her calf.  Being a cow, she, of course, waited to do this at the worst possible time at the top of the hill in the middle of a thunder and hail storm.  FB tried to get her to the barn, but the cow was having none of it.  If an 1800 lb cow who is in labor decides she is not going to move, then she is not going to move.

The calf, of course, got stuck and needed help.  It was a big calf, FB has small hands and there are few things in the world as slippery and difficult to get hold of than a calf on its way into the world.  What's a farmer to do?  Strip off one's shirt and use it get a grip on the calf and pull it out into the world.  Get mother and calf situated, then slink back to the house, hoping that no one chooses this moment to stop by for a visit.

Cow, calf, lambs, sheep and chicks are all doing well.  Farm Buddy could use a nap.


  1. Farm Buddy deserves a nap after all of that. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

  2. Just like James Harriott!! FB must be wicked strong.

  3. good job! all that new life! hope baby cow is doing well ...being born during and out in a storm

  4. Boy, your FB barely averted disaster. What a trooper. Reminded me of the vet, James Herriot and some of his adventures in Scotland.

  5. I can relate to that. I used to be the person with little hands who went in to find calf legs at the Dairy Farm and attach the pulling chain.
    I found that being small was useful in some ways.

  6. I second that motion - LOVE the new header! Such a beautiful shot.