Saturday, May 3, 2014

Back on Track

"Yo Ma!  Why are we in jail?  C'mon, what are up to?  Let us out, you know you shouldn't be out there unsupervised!"

"Don't worry guys, it'll only be a little while.  I just have to do a wee bit of fencing...."

"FENCING?!  NO.  No, no, noooooo!  Step away from the fence Ma, unless you plan on taking it down altogether, just let us out and step away."

"Sorry guys, it's got to be done.  It's for your own good."

"But Maaa, the grass is just starting to get REALLY good.  You can't take it all awayPleeeeeease."

"C'mon now, buck up, you know I'm not taking it ALL away, (just most of it). You get your track system back today.  Won't that be fun:)?"

"We were having lots of fun as is Ma, you just have to go and spoil it.  Hey, blog peoples, anyone out there want to come rescue us poor starved donkeys?  Seriously, does it look like we're having fun, locked up in jail while our Ma takes all our good, yummy grass away?  SAVE US!"


  1. Sorry Donkeys, its a federal crime to break someone out of jail. Maybe you will get out early for good behavior. LOL

    Too cute.

  2. Aaaww, poor donkeys and pony---momma won't let you founder. She's SO mean!!

  3. What! Look at that beautiful barn you're in. Relax! If you WERE out in that grassy field that good tasting grass would be in and out of your body before you could count to ten ... and you wouldn't be feeling so good. Thank your ma for saving you from a grass hangover! ;)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished track! My four are on VERY limited grazing -watching neck crests and lamina stretching closely - yoiks! I love to set up "paradise paddocks" too!

  5. I'm so glad you finally have GREEN GRASS!