Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Farm in May

There are several new arrivals at the farm.  This little fellow joined the world this morning ...

and promptly got castrated this afternoon while he is still small enough to get our hands on.  The calves are a bit late this year as the bull was a bit late last year.

Still, he got the job done....

and mom is proud.  Her name is Queen Anne's Lace, aka The Queen...

Yesterday morning brought this young lass into the world...

Not the greatest picture, but this is a first lamb for her mom, Dora, and she is a bit nervous yet.

The rest of the ewes are all due starting this week as well.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to when these balloons will burst....?

The self-propelled rototillers have been hard at work....

....and have done a good job of tilling the garden....

They now have a new area to work in.  They go in and out of the barn via the ramp.

This young lady has taken up residence as well in order to provide milk for the pigs, chickens and to satisfy Farm buddy's dairy addiction.  Her name is Calamity so, of course, we shall call her Jane.  It suits her.

Lots going on on the farm, giving the busy-bodies plenty to gossip over during dinner...

and while lounging around at the spa.

Always something new on a farm in May.


  1. Is this next to your farm? Lots of new babies.

    1. This is my best friend's farm just a couple miles down the road. She raises organic, grassfed beef, lamb, chicken and pork.

  2. Wonderful post. Looking a those poor mama ewes makes one wince! Great shots of the chickens.

  3. What wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing.

    Those ewes don't look very comfortable. Are they expected to have twins, perhaps??

    1. They nearly always do have twins, occasionally triplets. They are definitely at the moaning, groaning, miserable stage:)

  4. What a great post. Didn't know you had such a big crew at your place. More photos please.

  5. oops, just read the comments above. See its a place down the road. All right, still want more photos... :)

  6. Jane's a real looker! What is that fencing made of that's around the garden? Not metal?

  7. Looks like paradise to me!