Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We've had a couple of forty degree days, a night of heavy rain, a small bit of snow.  Some sunshine!  The silence of winter has been broken by the nearly subliminal subterranean gurgles of water moving through the layers of frozen earth and the occasional bird song.  The woods are still gripped in ice, the weather is volatile, but the snow has gone from the fields.  Geese fly over by the hundreds.  The stratified layers of frozen donkey poop are emerging layer by layer from piles of snow.  The world is waking up.  It's finally, finally here.

Spring is my favorite time.  The mud is awful, the weather is crazy.  I don't care.  It is that feeling of finally waking from an enforced slumber that I love.  Not a moment too soon, it is finally here.

And since it is finally here, blog posts are likely to be erratic and sparse for a bit.  The computer holds no charm for me at this time when I could be out wallowing in the mud instead.:)


  1. Excellent, glad it's finally arrived!!

  2. Good for you, I've been wallowing also. Curry combs and rakes are new toys to play with ....

  3. Your tolerance for the mud is greater than mine. I do, do, do prefer it over the ice, but trying to get a manure-filled wheelbarrow through the stuff as my boots get nearly sucked off is wearing my patience!