Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Vocabulary of Cold

Squeak, squeeeeaak, squeeeeeeeak, scrunch, squeak:  the teeth grinding noise of frozen snow grinding under each foot step.

Crack/splash/crunch/damm-that's-cold!/splash:  breaking the ice that has formed in the water trough in spite of it's built-in heating element.

pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease....: said in a fervent, prayerful undertone with held breath and eyes squeezed shut every time one approaches the water hydrant in the barn.  Oh please, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeeease....

Oh, THANK YOU GOD!!!:  On a gust of relieved breath when the water actually flows.

whooooooooooossshhhh:  the tiny, but vital sound of water draining back out of the hydrant which gives one hope that it may actually work the next day.

clunk/clank/clunkclunkclunkclunk....clunk, clunk: The sound of frozen solid donkey poop rattling into the muck bucket like a bunch of golf balls crashing into a plastic barrel .

"Oh, Sh**!!!" : heard when one steps on a frozen solid "golf ball" lurking under the bedding just waiting to twist the ankles of the hapless human foolish enough to think she did a good enough cleaning job.

Arrrghh/ooooof/!#$#@$:  slipping on the ice and falling on one's a**.  Definitely NOT as cute as the penguins.

munchmunchmunchsnortwhufflemunchmunch: The sound that makes it feel like it all might be worth it.

rararararaaarsputterr c'mom,c'mon,start will ya,you can do it roaororoarvrooom, vroom, vroom: I guess I might make it to work tonight after all.  Sure hope the car starts on the way home so we can do all of this again tomorrow.



  1. It is just silly cold right now. I can tell the temperature right away from how much the side door creaks when I open it. No creak, good weather. Loud creak, it's reallyyyyyyy cold!

  2. You "word paint" vivid pictures of your life.

  3. Haha. We're speaking the same language.

  4. That's so funny! But oh, I feel for you! That video says it all!

  5. I think my body has decided that it has had just about enough of subzero. It is beginning to creak just like the snow and my vehicle doors....

  6. We're in the deep freeze too, but lord knows living in the city has it's advantages in this weather. I think about you bundling through this numbing cold - and send good thoughts to your car's engine!

  7. GREAT descriptions of what's happening but as they say, "A picture's worth a thousand words." That video gives me the shivers!