Saturday, January 11, 2014

Border Relations

"You better stay where you belong donkey or I'll bite your nose!"

"Oh yeah dog, c'mon, try it."

"Mom, she's looking at me."

"Mom, she's LOOKING at me!  Tell her to stop LOOKING at me."

"I mean it donkey, you stop staring at me or I'll bite your nose."

"Who me?  I'm not looking at anything, I'm just standing here, minding my own busuiness.  What's your problem anyway?"

"Mom, pleeeeeeease make her stop LOOKING at me."

"C'mon dog, put your bite where your bark is.  I dare ya!"

"BOTH OF YOU KNOCK IT OFF!  Tanner, go play Jolly-Ball.  Emma, get in here and eat your breakfast."  Sheesh, kids these days!


  1. same shenanigans goes on at my place too! sheesh is right!!!

  2. Stare down at he corral lol ~, we get them too ! :)

  3. lol that poor dog. It needs its moms help.

  4. Hehe you big ol' scary donkey you fancy scaring a dog.

  5. Hahaha, made me laugh. Gotta luv em.

  6. Donkeys do like to protect their territory though. That was such a cute exchange!

  7. That is funny. Ramsey looks so innocent.

  8. Laffin hard. And I thought it was Borders who had "the stare"!

  9. Found your blog from "The run*A*Round Ranch Report where she featured your calendar. Your blog looks happy and fun. I love it when people journal a story around pictures.