Monday, January 6, 2014

The Perils of Modern Communication

I have been finding out over the last few days that several of the packages that I sent out before Christmas have not yet reached their destination or ended up somewhere else entirely.  If you ordered a calender from me, was one of my contest winners or expected to get something from me, but haven't, please get in touch.  I mailed out everything no later than Dec. 19th so if you haven't gotten your goodies yet, there is a problem.  

I've also had several people tell me recently that they have tried to leave comments on my blog, but they never see them show up.  I publish all the comments I get except for the obvious spam.  However, a lot of messages get filtered out automatically by Google's spam filters and I very seldom look at those.  There are a LOT of them, 99.9999% are from "anonymous", but occasionally a real comment gets tossed in there and I don't notice.  I moderate the comments only to weed out the junk that gets past the filters.  Just how many, ahem, enlargement, messages does the world need after all?  Wait, stop, don't answer that!  I really don't want to know:).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I love hearing from all of you and if you don't see your comments show up, it is because I did not see them, NOT because I am uninterested or offended.  I know that I am terrible about responding, but it is not lack of interest there either, just lack of time.  It is usually an either/or choice between responding to comments or writing a new blog post.  I figure you'd all rather see something new.  I do try to at least answer questions.

I have also heard that the comment form does not work if you are using a smart phone.  The thing is, cell phones do not work here so I don't have one, smart or stupid.  I have no idea how, or if, I could fix the comment box so it works with phones.  I am open to suggestions if anyone knows about this, I sure don't.

And while on the subject of my technological failures...if you follow my blog via Twitter and have left messages for me, I only just recently realized that I actually get messages on twitter.  Um, yeah...for all those out there who are rolling your eyes and shaking your heads, what can I say, I am tweet-impaired.   Sorry, I wasn't trying to ignore you.

My blog gets posted to Twitter and Facebook automatically without any input from me.  As for Facebook...lets just say I am not a real big fan of FB either.  I scroll through now and then looking at cute donkey pictures and trying to figure out where my world-traveling sister might be.  I  occasionally, warily, dip a toe in and usually withdraw feeling baffled.  Facebook is a strange place.

So, if you are still waiting for a package or have tried to reach me and couldn't, send me an email at aerissana at gmail dot com.  I'll even try to remember to check the spam folder now and then. 


  1. gotcha. now hurry up and get those two popsicles, excuse me, donksicles into the barn, post haste!!!

  2. No no no... it's the cold weather eating fudge...
    Maybe this comment will find a black hole but I still want to see more bogs ;)

  3. Hello I'm Zoe and interested that blogs can get posted straight to twitter. I keep getting asked to post them on twitter. Need to take my eating head off and put my techy head on. xx

  4. I still can't believe that I was a winner! I got my big delicious block of fudge shortly after you posted something about a trip to the post office. :) Thank you. We enjoyed every bite! I enjoy yout blog every day!

  5. i don't allow anonymous comments on my blog and get very little spam. (i use the 'registered users including open i.d.' setting in case you're interested in switching to save you from moderation).

    AND I MEANT TO TELL YOU I GOT MY CALENDAR! SO RUDE OF ME! i got it around Christmas time and took photos of some of the pages. i'll post about it soon. turns out i won another calendar from an alaskan blogger so have been waiting to receive it before i do a post on them. i'm sorry i neglected to let you know i got it!

  6. Wait! I didn't know you could have your blogs automatically go to Twitter. Technocrisy...

  7. If you sign your blog up with Networked Blogs, it will automatically synch your posts to the other sites. It's free and easy, even I figured it out:)

  8. Hey, I got my fudge right on time too. It took a little detour once here, when I lost it under a pile of pre-christmas mail and chores. Thankfully, the 12-year-old found it a couple of days ago and we enjoyed every bite. It was delish and merry christmas to you too!