Monday, October 14, 2013

Ambassador Ramsey Hard at Work

The little brown donkey does it again...

Once a year, a friend brings over his skid-steer to clean the barn over at Farm Buddy's.  She uses a bedding pack system, putting fresh, clean bedding down each day so the barn stays clean and the critters comfy.  It works great, but it does make for a long day come cleaning time.
A few of us sneaked off for some donkey therapy...

Ramsey was utterly fascinated by this small, noisy creature...

following him around and around...

Emma thought he was pretty interesting as well...until he moved a little too fast for her taste and she retreated to the barn.

Tessa is not a bad ambassador herself...


and Ramsey does it again.


  1. Ramsey looks so soft and so sweet. I just want to hug him. I need a donkey!!

  2. Another Boy for Ramsey to play with! Boys Boys - they're just made for eachother!

    Ramsey HAS lost his baby tuft! He doesn't look like a baby anymore... he is mighty handsome.

  3. We had our big barn clean out yesterday too! Ramsey is too, too cute :-D.

  4. Looks like Ramsey loves having a little human his size! And that look of joy on the little human's face is priceless.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Oh Ramsey you really are the best! Always good to start the donkey fans off young. That cute little donkey is destined for BIG things in life :-)

  6. I think donkeys can be the perfect ambassadors to introduce children to the world of equine.
    Most kids can really get along with them...most people too!

  7. those pictures are beautifull they jusst touch your heart

  8. Ramsey has really grown! Funny how some equine are kid magnets, and others would rather they keep their distance - just like us humans.

  9. I think Ramsey wants a boy to play with!

  10. too adorable! Ramsey wants one to play with, just his size. cute, cute, cute!!!