Sunday, January 8, 2012

A very rare event

last evening, I did something that almost never happens, something that has only occurred one other time in the last fifteen years.....I went to the movies.  A couple of friends and I went out to diner and then went to see Warhorse.  It was quite an excursion. 

The movie was very good and we had a great time.  I do wish they had made the horse "training" scenes a bit more realistic.  The way they handled those scenes definitely detracted from the story rather than adding to it. I read the book a few years ago, before it was made into a movie, and I enjoyed that as well.  The book was written from the horse's point of view so the film and the book have mostly the same storyline but, each has a very different perspective. 

The theater experience itself was a bit of a surprise.  All was normal and quiet as we bought our tickets, found our seats and watched the movie.  However, after the movie, as we were making our way out of the theater,  I noticed that the show across the hall had an armed policeman checking the tickets of swarms of hyped up teenagers.   What on Earth kind of movie requires an armed police presence just to check tickets???   Whatever it is, I don't think it will ever make onto my list of must see.  I'll stick with donkeys.

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