Monday, January 2, 2012

Consolations and new plans

What's to be done when you find out that your baby donkey is going to be having a baby and there isn't any way to "fix" it?  Buy her a bag of treats and a new toy of course...

 "Hmmm, chewy, uhmmm"
 "Nom, nom, nom, very chewy"...
The other thing to do, is to start planning the nursery.  Do you see my machinery shed with the old, yellow jeep (which has quite a history I'll have tell you about sometime) in the background?  Well, I spent most of Christmas building the half-wall around it...

I didn't make the wall go all the way up because I don't want to block all of my barn windows.  I hate dark, dreary barns; I want light and air.  However, this is the windward side of the barn so it has to be covered (especially since the wind is so strong here that I could probably power most of NY if I started raising windmills instead of unplanned donkey babies).  I am going to build windows for the open spaces. I am trying to decide between using plexiglass or clear vinyl.  I think the vinyl would be easiest and safest but, I am not sure it can handle the wind.  In the summer, I will cover the open spaces with shade screens and it should be quite a nice donkey solarium. 

All I'll need then is a place for the old jeep, the lawn mower, ladders and other stuff that really doesn't want to live outside.  Housing for all of that stuff along with firewood is in the works...

But, winter finally showed up with a vengeance and carpentry will probably have to be put on hold.  In the meantime, I guess I'll just go give Emma another cookie.  Cookies cure everything right?


  1. New toy,cookies,looks like Emmas training of you is comming along quite nicely. :-)
    Your building skills are quite impressive!

  2. I agree with Mel there. I am excited for the baby to arrive, but I feel so badly for Emma, because she is just a youngster herself. I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well.