Saturday, June 5, 2021

Multiple Personalities

Cora: OMG!!!!  MONSTER!!!  MOM!  There's a MONSTER! MOM!!! What is THAT?  Do I chase it?  Bite it?  Run AWAY?!  MOM, come NOW mom!!!  OMG!

Connor: Turtle?  What turtle?  I don't see a turtle.  I refuse to see a turtle.  Turtles do not exist in this reality.  I refuse to believe in the existence of turtles.  Frisbees exist.  Frisbees matter.  Would you throw the FRISBEE already? 

Orrie: Look guys, I brought the paper!

Snapping Turtle: 
*sigh* Dogs.  Would you just make them ALL go away?


  1. Poppy reacts to snakes like Cora reacts to snapping turtles!

  2. LOVE your (their) narrative! Too funny! Great pix!

  3. great adventures with great dogs. Love the dialog!!!! Thanks for the smiles.

  4. Gorgeous dogs, love their adventures. Three is definitely a fun trio!