Saturday, November 28, 2020

Shopping Extravaganza

I've been working hard getting ready for a craft show I promised to participate in.  I sold some things, but I have plenty of stuff left over and a bunch of things that never even made it to the show.  If you see anything that you like, let me know!

Still available - White Raven $50, Wide Load donkey - $50, Something Fishy coasters - $20, earrings - $15 

Fall Leaves Serving Tray - available $50

Loose Buttons - SOLD

Stoned Donkey - available $25

More Loose Buttons - also SOLD 

rabbit - SOLD

Baby Qilin - available $50

Pendants, bracelets, brooches, small sunflowers - available $25 each 

Fall leaves coasters - SOLD

Photo coasters available - $20.  Blueberry leaf earrings available $15, Maple leaf set - SOLD

White Raven - $50, Black Raven - SOLD

Fall Foliage - $50


Custom Order - on hold 

Big Fuzzy Donkey - NOT FOR SALE (but always hungry) 


  1. I like the big fuzzy donkey the best. Good job. I'm glad you sold some pieces. I've found selling my crafts is hard to do.

  2. Wow that is some incredible work you have done!

  3. Beautiful work! I especially like the Fall Leaves tray. Very nice!

  4. I think it would be hard to let some of these go! Very nice work!