Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Mule Appreciation Day

After just three haphazard trailer loading lessons, spread out over most of a year, Qilin now thinks the trailer is a fun place to hang out.  I am definitely learning to appreciate mules!

By the way....hungry mule baby says to please remember to visit our shop so mom can keep buying lots and lots of hay for all of us!  She is always adding new stuff and tinkering around.  If there is something you might like, but don't see yet, feel free to nag her.  We do it all the time!  You can reach her at her email: or on the Facebook page or the Instagram page

The shop link:

Thank you!!!!


  1. He is the smartest boy! The donkeys are jealous!

  2. He's not only beautiful, but very smart.

  3. This is so great with all the donkeys watching Qilin. They will be going in the trailer soon, too!

  4. YES! I learned with my little donkeys to let them teach themselves at their own pace. I put a tarp on the ground with rocks in the corners and they walked all over it. Our trailer had two ramps (one on the side and one in the back). We parked it in their pasture with ramps down and they soon made it their "fort," running in one door and out the other. Yay, Qilin!

  5. Benn doesn't look impressed but the other three are like WTH do you think you're going?!? LOL!