Saturday, March 28, 2020


Like so many others, my little world has been turned upside-down lately. I either can't find any words or there are so many that they are drowning each other out.  I want to rage at the incompetence, selfishness and willful ignorance of our politicians.  As a health care worker, I feel simultaneously cynically unsurprised and absolutely appalled at our unpreparedness, lack of supplies and utter failure to do the testing that was, and is, so absolutely crucial. 

As an asthmatic with multiple autoimmune diseases who already has 35-40% diminished lung capacity from previous damage, I fall into the "extreme high risk" category.  After already spending the past 5 weeks battling pneumonia....Covid 19 scares the crap out of me.

Since I started a new job 8 weeks ago and none of the benefits or PTO have kicked in and I have been out on mandatory sick leave for two weeks with no idea if I get paid for that or for staying in quarantine....

Too many words clamoring inside to come out as anything other than silence.

But I am lucky. Living in quarantine is pretty much my natural state and "social distancing" is finally in style.  I've waited my whole life for that. 

My house is in the middle of nowhere so my version of social distance is a bit more extreme than others, which is fine as I have always found trees to be good company.

While I sometimes feel like the weakest link in my chain, I have good reasons to keep welding it back together.

I have a comfy house

with lots of room and plenty to eat.  (Although, I do have to compete with the couch/bed hog and we are down to the last roll of TP, which she would very much like to shred.  Good thing she is cuddly.)

I have no trouble finding things to do.

I have a silly baby mule, who likes to alternate between being a very foolish mule or being a very mulish fool. 

And I have donkeys. 

What more could you ask for?

Stay safe, stay healthy and try to stay grateful.


  1. It is definitely uncharted territory and it’s not like we didn’t have people warning us about the risk of a global pandemic. I think in Canada we’re doing better about it but some people continue to defy the restrictions which is frustrating. I hope that you stay safe at home.

  2. We are isolated like you and grateful to live off the beaten path. I have the mules and the woods. My husband is in the very high risk group so that means I have to stay out of everywhere.
    I hope you stay well or get better! My goodness.
    Stay safe and enjoy your wonderful friends.

  3. I am grateful for all I have. I hope you stay away from the virus. Please take care.

  4. Yeah... :-/ But you do have great company :-).

  5. It is such an unsettling time. Stay safe in your Sanctuary with your menagerie!

  6. Bless our fur baby caregivers!!! They have no clue how important they are to our health and well being. My donks have been being very good...thank goodness and one of my pups has left a treasure out front for me...eeks!!! Here's hoping everyone stays safe and free from the virus-or if, heaven forbid one catches it, they come out the other side full of antibodies and clean bill of health. Thank you ALL health care givers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You have great critter friends and blogging friends too! So sorry you are in the at risk group. I am certain some supplies must be stockpiled someplace...but the number needed is staggering. Stay safe:)