Saturday, August 31, 2019

You might have seen this coming....

So........this happened might have guessed.

Connor doesn't like being an only-dog and his birthday is next week, so I bought us a puppy😁.

A ten-week-old female Windsprite puppy to be exact. 

I've had my eye on this breed for a number of years now and nearly got one after Tanner died five years ago, but there weren't any puppies available locally and I got cold feet and than Connor came along.....
This girl already has the Border Collies Baffled, I think it might take the whole Border Brigade to keep this pup in line.

These dogs are still rather rare, but it just so happens that a truly fantastic breeder lives only twenty minutes down the road from me.  She does not often have puppies so I decided I better seize the opportunity while I could.

She and Qilin will make quite a pair right?  I take it as a sign of Karmic approval.

So, please welcome Wylde's Magical Chimera..."Kaia"

It's been a big day for all of us, but especially for Kaia.  Good thing she approves of my couch.


  1. Aw. She’s adorable! I know noting of this breed. I shall have to check.

  2. Nope. I didn't. Although I did think Elva was fostering them - for some reason. She's a beauty. I hope she likes to cuddle!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations! She's wonderful.

  4. SO JEALOUS!!! I just didn't have the kind of money the breeder local to me was asking, even if I was willing to bring a pup in on my two old guys. 😞

  5. What fun for you! I can almost smell the puppy breath!

  6. Oh my! I'll have to go look them up. I thought they were just a friend's puppies you were playing with haha :-). Welcome!

  7. I will have to look this breed up as I've never heard of it before! Awww soooo cute!

  8. A beautiful puppy. You'll all love her.