Monday, February 4, 2019

More Stoning

There has been an awful lot of hiding in the barn...

...or freezing all my asses off...

...and way too much of this.... I have been playing with rocks again.

This is maybe part of a bigger project. Or not.  I'm not sure yet.

Seeing as how all the rocks are now frozen solid, I'm branching out into other mediums as well.

Which may, or may not be part of that other project.

And, of course, no project around here would ever be complete without a crazy Border Collie keeping track of everything and nagging me incessantly to do something fun.

He does look a bit incomplete though, I might have to make him a little stone frisbee.


  1. Those are awesome Kris! I have the donkey soap mold and may have to try this. :)

  2. The proportions on your donkeys are perfect, and they even have personality. You definitely have talent. And I've never seen so much snow. Your photo of the "donkey train" is particularly nice. Rebecca2

  3. You totally nailed your herd and Connor too!!

  4. I can't believe how perfect they are! And I can't wait to see your bigger project.

  5. Funny, as I scrolled down and saw the first B.C., I was wondering if you could paint a bottle cap to make a frisbee for him. Of course you'd see the frisbee deficit yourself. :) You got the muzzle & feet perfectly! And I love the little seed "baby Ramsey", adorable.
    -cheri in urbana

  6. You are very creative! Love those stone creatures. It would be fun to make those into tiles or something? LOL....
    That ice looks very nasty. Got skates?
    We have varies versions of ice here, smooth, rough, and in some places it is bone dry mud ruts.

  7. Wow, you've got all your asses in a row lol! Nice pic. Don't get me started about the weather... Your stoned evolution shows & they all look great!! Stoned farm wall art would be priceless!

  8. Your stone work is wonderful!! yes Connor needs a frisbee:)
    I have yak trax love them as they keep me upright...never can tell what is under the snow. Stay warm...your asses look like they are pampered:)