Friday, July 28, 2017

Ambassadors at Work

The donkeys had some ambassadorial work this weekend.  These lovely young women are here from San Diego visiting family in the area. Ben did his part....

But not until Ambassador Ramsey had worked his magic...

He went to work immediately and had them wrapped around his little hooves in no time.

Emma did her part as well and there are now a few more donkey enthusiasts in the world.

So, California friends, are there any donkey sanctuarys near San Diego who could use a couple of new volunteers?  Emma and Ramsey give these two their seal of approval and would be happy to share.


  1. Everybody looks happy! Glad they enjoyed the donkeys.
    Happy weekend.

  2. Thank you so much for having us come and see your donkeys! We really enjoyed ourselves, the donkeys and the horse as well! We will look into volunteering and socializing with the donkeys (: Thank you again!!

  3. There are many horse rescue groups in San Diego and riverside county. A big area - two large counties. I know of no exclusive donkey and burro rescue but they often have a few. Google Horses of Tir Na Nog, hi caliber horse rescue (located in Valley Center area. North San Diego County and in riverside county villa Chardonnay. Not knowing how mobile the girls are re: transportation. I am just suggesting. These areas. There is a group in Fallbrook too and Rescuing horses Inc in Olivenhein. But I don't think she has donkeys. She has off track thoroughbreds and some ponies. I hope this helps at least to get them started. They might call San Diego humane society for some suggestions or the San Diego animal services large animal rescue.

  4. Looks like they did a great job. Wish they lived in Massachusetts. One of the donkey rescues I help out at , would love having two wonderful helpers like these lovely ladies . Keep up the good work girls . :)