Sunday, June 15, 2014

All in a day's work...

Riding Buddy stopped by this afternoon just as I was contemplating a nasty job.  Lucky for me, she volunteered to help.  I've been meaning to clean out the hay shed in anticipation of the new crop.  This is one of those jobs that I have been trying to convince myself to just get on with, but had, so far, managed to put off.  It's been very easy to find ways of avoiding this job.  With RB there offering help and moral support, it really wasn't a bad job at all.  Like most dirty jobs, anticipation is the worst part. Once you get started, you're half way done.

We stripped out all the old hay and pallets right down to the dirt floor.

I laid a piece of plastic down as a vapor barrier and I am going to get some new pallets.  The bottom row of hay tends to get musty and this will go a long way toward stopping that.  I'd like to lay a real floor in here one day, but some quick addition puts the cost of that at around $700.  It's gonna have to wait another year or five.  

 RB's reward was a hug from the resident lap donkey.

Nothing beats a Ramsey hug.

I thought that was enough for the day, but not long after RB headed home, the nearby farmer stopped by to saw up some of my giant pile-o-logs.  I don't mind splitting and stacking, but I really didn't want to do all this chainsawing so I made a deal with him to do that part for me.  He can saw a heck of a lot of wood in a short time....

...a radically shorter amount of time than it will take me to split and stack all of this. 

Time for a hot shower and bed.  Sufficient unto the day....


  1. i need a neighbor like that. my little chainsaw and i move quite slowly (and carefully, i might add).

  2. All that work looks very familiar. Love the pictures on this post and the one before it. Such sweet critters.

  3. Yes, my wedding barn would hold a lot more hay and has a floor, but there are no donkeys to hug at the Crane Estate .

  4. Don't you love that feeling when its all done and you can look back and wonder why you put it off for any time at all? Then you fall into bed and everything hurts and your remember exactly why you may put it off! LOL