Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This little piggy....

The pigs over at Farm Buddy's destroyed the ramp that lets them go in and out of the barn at will - back and forth between their pen and the outdoor playground.  Pigs are phenomenally destructive creatures.

So, a very small building project was in order.  We decided to recycle an old barn door for the purpose....

After a bit of reinforcing and some slats added for strength and traction, it made a fine ramp.

We put some scraps of plywood along the side so that they won't create a den under the ramp.  We don't want them undermining the foundation of the barn, something they are more than capable of doing.  The ramp itself is sturdy and firmly anchored to the barn.....I do have some doubts as to how long the plywood will hold up though.  If they decided they want to go under it, there is not much short of nuclear weapons (or electric fence) that will stop them.

The finished product met with instant and gleeful approval, "yipee!!!"

Up and down, up and down, oh what fun when the pigs go to town...

...and then start looking for ways to either eat it or destroy it, preferably both at once.


  1. Are these guys full grown? Does Farm Buddy raise them for meat? Are there just two? Funny how one of them stopped when it heard FB's voice.

    1. These are about half grown. They are raised for meat and we always raise them in pairs as they like to have company. FB's voice usually means feeding time so it always gets their attention:)

    2. Of course! Food trumps all!!!

  2. you made a great ramp! but i bet they can destroy any old thing they want, as you said. :)

  3. Pigs and goats must be related!