Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stills - September

This week's challenge is signs of Fall or what September means.  Here in upstate NY, it means that the light has changed to a slanting gold whenever the sun shines.

It means the Golden Rod is in full bloom.

Often the difference between life and death for honey bees trying to store enough food for winter....

and the bane of existence for allergy sufferers like me.

September means that I better remember to add this to the other assortment of oddities that I carry in my pockets.

September brings the Fall rains, cooler temperatures, the return of mud season....


and the first fire of the season.

September is fat cows...

and turning leaves.

It's desperately trying to get everything done that it was too hot and horrible to do this summer before it gets too cold and horrible to finish this winter. 

It means being too tired to write blog posts after a September day.

Fall means turning over every leaf looking for the rest of summer....

 and being glad that the rains have nearly finished filling the pond.

For the equines, September means getting furrier by the minute, cooler temps and no more flies.

For would-be photographers trying to show all the new fluff, it means I better get out there with a camera a lot earlier in the day.  Otherwise, all anybody gets to see are vague, zombie-like shadows lurking in the background.


  1. I like all these photos! My favorite is the one of Tanner among your friends, the Golden Rod and the shot of all the trees with a bit of back light.

  2. Excellent post and pics, the inhaler brings back memories of my teens..:-)

  3. The bees look happy :D

  4. Love the photos ... the trees, the cows in the field. Beautiful. And, oh yes, I do remember the inhaler. Now living in So.Ca. I had a difficult time finding fall colors for this Sunday Stills, but did the best I could. Loved your post.

  5. Looks like a lovely season!! I love the colors of fall, but not the thought of winter coming.

  6. About that swap for Southern California. I think we can work out a deal ... if you throw in Ramsey!

  7. So nice to see the Golden Rod, sorry it makes you feel crummy. Our Golden Rod suffered with the drought. Beautiful green fields and I love a Fall fire!