Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Still - Fade to Black

The folks who have been running the Sunday Stills challenge are stepping aside.  Fortunately, it looks like someone else is going to take up the torch and continue on.  I am glad.  I appreciate the Sunday Stills challenges because it gives me something to work toward in improving my very minimal photography skills.

I miss many of the challenges and I am often late with others, but that is part of why it works for me.  It provides some much needed guidance and a deadline, but the world isn't going to stop running if I miss some of them.  I have more than enough critical responsibilities in my life, if taking pictures became one of them, all of the joy would get sucked out of it.  I don't know, but maybe that is why Ed and Linda are stepping aside.   Regardless, thank you for starting Sunday Stills and thank you for passing it on and allowing it to continue.

This last challenge was fade to black, include the color black into either the subject or the background.  Here are my fade to black contributions, some are new some are older, but all were taken with Sunday Stills in mind.   

Thank you Ed and Linda


  1. Beautiful, little donkey.

  2. Don't sell yourdelf short you take great pics. Sarah is up and running as the new moderator of Sunday Stills so you will get plenty of practice..:-))

  3. Great collection of photos! Love the baby long ears best!!