Monday, August 6, 2018

The Mighty Benjamin

Big Ben is doing well lately.  It has been a hot and muggy summer and sometime in July, I got out the clippers again and shaved off the rest of his winter fuzz. 

He also had a blood test at the beginning of July to check his ACTH levels.  The normal range is 9-35 and his came back at 19.9 so he is staying nicely stable on 1/2 a Prascend per day.  Hawkeye was also tested and he was in the normal range as well so both of the Cushing's boys are doing well. 

I've taken away even more grass, but I made up for it by letting the donkeys clear out some more of the stone walls, which is Ben's most favorite job. 

We won't mention the nice Ash tree that I accidently gave them access to.  Sigh.  It will make nice firewood once they're done with it.

Ben has also discovered the wonders of wild blueberries and he spends hours searching out those tiny, rare morsels. 

He is first in line to get at any new tree or bush.

Ben has some stiffness in his back so, everyday, I spend a little time giving him a massage.  There may be days that I would possibly shirk this duty, but Ben has taken to quietly, yet relentlessly, presenting himself in my path until he gets his backrub.  I wish he could return the favor, my neck is so sore....

Ben has started to show some tentative signs of acceptance towards Albert.  He went from dislike to active ignoring to a few small gestures of tentative friendship.  He and Al even played tug for a brief moment. 

Ben generally takes his time with these things.  He is absolutely steadfast towards his friends, but he is not sure he needs any more. 

He still plays with Ramsey at night when it cools off and I think he and Al will be buddies eventually.

In the meantime, there is a daily massage, an Ash tree that still has a little bark left and blueberries to hunt.  What more could a big donkey want? 


  1. How lush and green it is there! SO dry and dusty here; can't wait for FALL.

  2. He will probably get use to Al.

    2 of our geldings will herd you away from the gate. They try to keep you in the pasture giving belly rubs.

  3. Thanks Kris! I'm very partial to Ben. Hang in there until Fall Big Fellow!

  4. I do miss having my donkeys clear the woods for me, they are better at it than the mules are.

    I love how Ben has come around. He is so handsome!

  5. Big Ben has a mind of his own; had to laugh at him demanding his daily massage. I've never personally seen a dappled donkey, and you have two of them. Rebecca2

  6. With every post, I love Ben more. Sigh...
    BTW Kris, if you come to Michigan I'll give you a neck rub.