Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Man of Many Colors

Black, white and tan all on one cheek...

Along with a sweet and devilish smile....

 A white splotch on each of the other "cheeks"....

He's a study in the subtle art of donkey coloring.

And missing a fly mask because The Little Brown Brat and Atitude Al can't resist the lure of destruction.

I'm not sure Al's coloring has a name...

...other than Trouble that is.


  1. He is certainly looking well – and handsome!

  2. The fly 'gals' can wear them, however when I had geldings they enjoyed ripping them off each other and then playing 'it' with it or tug of war. I quit using them after the first two masks were destroyed totally....

  3. He looks like a trouble. But a very cute kind.
    Hope he is getting along with all the donkey-doo's.

  4. Is Ben ok? Haven't seen much of him lately.

  5. That Albert is a good-looking boy! And a tri too! Not quite the same as a certain tri Border Collie puppy, but a tri nevertheless! AND I happen to know that he is a very, very happy donkey too.