Saturday, September 15, 2012

Round Two

I got word of another donkey roping competition this afternoon, this time in Eden, Texas and sponsored by a church no less. We stopped the VanHorn donkey roping, we can stop this one too.

Please just remember folks, hatred begets hatred.  Abuse begets abuse.  Please be polite, don't undermine our credibility by being abusive.

 Here is what I know so far:

Another donkey roping competition is being planned for Saturday, September 29 in Eden, Texas.

Just as we did in Van Horn, let's come together to tell Eden, Texas that this is no longer acceptable and to stop this inhumane event.

Please contact:

Celina Hemmeter
Eden, Texas City Secretary/Administrator

The individuals from Hallelujah Trail Cowboy Church who are planning the competition:

STEVE BELOTE 325-245-3425
DAN TOMLINSON 325-869-5206

Link to pettition:

Remember to please be civil.


  1. My email protesting this event has been sent.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I have been sending letters to those involved.