Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hoof Thoughts

I know I haven't posted much this week, it's because I have been watching hoof trimming videos.  I can only handle so much time in front of the computer each day and that time (and my thoughts) has been sucked into in-depth hoof studies.  I will tell you more about it once my brain has done some digesting.  In the meantime, I would highly recommend these videos for anyone who has donkeys or plans to... 

Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out by Pete Ramey.

As an added bonus, they are on sale right now, $30 bucks off the regular price.

Even if you have a good farrier or are a good farrier or never intend to trim a hoof on your own, there is information here that every donkey owner needs.

"Hey, psst, best watch out, Ma's got her hairy little eyeballs on our feet againI bet she's got ideas about your little toes as well.  No ones safe when she gets that big nail file out...


  1. Thanks for the link, I've been lucky to have a great farrier! Baby donkey hooves are tricky little things!

  2. I recently watched a hoof trimming video. Who would have thought this florist would glue her eyes to the screen for 30 minutes to watch a very slow, methodical lecture on proper carving of a hoof? Fascinating. I bet Emma and Ramsey have the loveliest hooves in the County!