Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog Woes

Blogger has lost its mind lately.  They have changed the interface, which is fine.  I don't like it, but I can adapt.  Unfortunately, they did not work out the bugs before foisting this mess on frustrated bloggers like me.  Things keep appearing and disappearing randomly, including my photos and the blog posts I am trying to write.  God (or maybe Google) knows what you might or might not find posted here until the Powers-That-Be get their act together. 


  1. I'm with you!!
    I've hung onto the "old way of doing things" and prayed that google would leave me alone. I'm also having a terrible time trying to figuare out how to get around!! You change things to improve them --- I see no improvement -- if anything two steps back :-///

  2. I once had a nightmare where I was in the Tower of London and a medieval Google employee was rolling up my entire blog on a big spool to later destroy it. I was watching The Tudors at the time, hence the setting, I guess. But I'm with you on all the issues with the new Google interface. I miss the old Blogger.

  3. My computer does the same thing - and other random stuff - so I can feel your pain. Sometimes I HATE trying to type a message!!!
    Chin up, as my mother would have said, and bear with it!

  4. Goodness. You deserve a prize for your blog, not aggravation. Hope you'll hang in there. Dear Google, please get your act together; there are a bunch of people who must not be deprived of their daily dose of Dancing Donkey Cuteness.