Monday, May 14, 2012


My farm buddy got a new dog last week.  She has been agonizing over whether or not to get a new puppy for months now.  She really needs a good stock dog on the farm and Scout (Tanner's brother) is getting up there in age.  They will be 10 this Fall and while I can hardly bear to admit it, they are slowing down a lot.  Farm Buddy has been worried about how Scout would handle having competition from a young puppy and for months, I have been hearing about the pros and cons of getting a puppy.  I think she has probably changed her mind at least a hundred times.  Both of our dogs are used to being the center of the universe and a new puppy can be very hard for an older dog to deal with.  Who can possibly resist a new puppy after all.  I know Tanner would have a very hard time if I decided to get a puppy, he is already terribly jealous of Emma.  A puppy would ruin his world.

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, Farm Buddy announced that she was thinking about getting an adult dog that she had seen at the breeders home and had been offered to her.  I was really surprised by this as Farm Buddy initially rejected this idea out of hand and only wanted a puppy.  I didn't think it was a bad idea, but I am still surprised by it.  The plan was for the dog to come and stay for a two week trial period.  Yeah right.  As if she'd ever leave after coming to this farm:)  This little dog would have had to cause massive upheaval to get sent back.  She has instead  slipped into farm life with ease and exuberance.  Kelsey is a well trained working dog who is sweet, extremely responsive and well mannered.  She was raised as a trial dog and she is finding farm life to be wonderful fun.  She is getting along well with both Scout and Tanner (as long as I don't spend too much time with her). 

Kelsey is a small dog, only very lightly tethered to the Earth by gravity.  The epitome of Border Collie, she is lively, high strung, intelligent, quick and obsessive.  She was initially rather confused by the concept of walking in the woods.   She has spent most of her life in open fields, working sheep or playing fetch.   The boys are trying to show her the ropes, but it may take her a while to catch onto the idea that sometimes we go out just or fun.  It's a new concept for her...

"Where are the sheep?"

"I don't think there are any sheep out here in the woods..."

"Are you sure we're supposed to be out here, I don't think I can make those trees move.  I'll be happy to try though...

"Fields are good, sheep live in fields...
"but I still don't see any sheep...

"Are you sure you have sheep somewhere?...

Welcome to the farm Kelsey!


  1. Kudos to Farm Buddy for agonizing until she could make the (imo) perfect choice, and again great big thanks to you for your wonderful blog-I could say this every single day, but you've made me violate my "don't comment, just shut up" policy too often as it is.;) I love how in tune you are with your animals, and animals and nature in general.

    "... only very lightly tethered to the Earth by gravity." Poetry after my own heart.

    Continuing to beam good thoughts & vibes over to you and Emma,

  2. I can just hear the wheels turning in Kelsey's little head -- you described it very well!

  3. Give him time and he will be trying to herd the donkeys and horse, alone with you!

  4. Kelsey sure is a cutie! She isn't going back! :)

  5. Very nice girl.She'll soon find her place there.