Friday, May 11, 2012


I had a nice phone call this morning from Tessa's original breeder/owner.  She tracked me down through the breed registry just to see how Tessa is doing and where she is.  I have done this sort of thing in the past, but I have never before had anyone track me down.  I appreciate a breeder who cares enough to want to know where her babies end up and how they are being cared for. 

Emma has been shedding profusely, but not fast enough to suit her.  She is itchy and since the weather has warmed up, she is often too hot even though it hasn't gotten above 70 yet.  I have been trying to help this along and had been seriously thinking about shaving her.  However, today's cold, miserable, raininess is why I haven't done it.  She does not like the shedding blade much and her coat was still quite thick.  Yesterday, I finally remembered a blog post from the7msn ranch about using a Furminator on her donkey Lucy.  I happen to own one of these gadgets which I use on Tanner....

It works GREAT on donkeys.  The last two days, I have pulled a whole bucket full of hair off of Emma and she loves it.  She would happily stand all day for more Furminating.  She has lost all of her coarse outer coat and what is left is the soft, downy fuzz of the undercoat.  It is hard to describe just how soft and silky she is.  I hope all of you get at least one chance to hug a freshly Furminated donkey:)  Thanks to a fellow blogger for sharing this useful bit of trivia.

I also want to thank everyone for your comments, well wishes and advice regarding Emma and her baby.  I don't always have time to respond, but I read and appreciate all of them.  Mel was particularly helpful to me today in providing some reassurance that donkey babies do indeed flip-flop quite a bit before being born.  I should have known that a donkey baby would already be thinking outside the box. 

I had been thinking about trying to set up a webcam to monitor Emma when I have to be at work, but  I don't know anything about the subject.  DonkeyBum suggested the same thing and was kind enough to share some very helpful info.  Unfortunately, after reading everything, I don't think it will work here.  My Internet connection is slow and cell phones don't work here.  If anyone else has any ideas I'd be glad to hear about it.  Just keep in mind that my tech skills are pretty limited and so is my connectivity out here in the boondocks:). 


  1. I never ceased to be amazed by the wonders of the Furminator. George and Alan don't care to be brushed as a rule but when I bring out the Furminator, my arm gives out long before they lose interest.

  2. Had to laugh about the baby thinking outside the box : ) Every time I come here I am expecting photos. (sigh)