Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Nude Beach

30 degrees and sunny....

Just like a day at the beach. 

A stroll along the sand...

A picnic lunch...

Staking out a good spot to lay the towels...

Some surreptitious people watching...

 ...because everybody is completely naked!

Nothing like a day at the beach. 


  1. I always loved how clean and shiny everyone was under their blankets :-).

  2. Happy days are here again; finally out of the deep freeze.

  3. Our snow has disappeared leaving it open season for mud baths. However it will rapidly change today into some wet stuff then very cold again.

  4. A short but very sweet break in the weather. Our girls are nude today and it is nearly 60 degrees! Not looking forward to two feet of snow and plunging temperatures by Saturday.

  5. We just had a brief respite from the freeze - blankets came off, horses were ridden, and many long satisfying rolls in the snow to relieve all the itchies. But it doesn't last - today we are back to daytime blankets, night time stalls, and frozen faces during chores.

  6. A white sand beach is the very best.