Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Intrepid Souls

Three brave, intrepid souls heading out to explore the frozen tundra....

Scrounging through the icy wasteland to find whatever tiny shreds of nourishment they can.

Or....three fat, spoiled donkeys allowed a bit of forbidden fruit so I can haul water, fill hay nets and try to round up all the frozen solid poopsicles hiding in the bedding just waiting to try and break my ankles. 

Such are the joys of sub-zero donkey keeping. 


  1. lol, at least they are out getting exercise. I have had to be creative to get my slugs to move!

  2. Ah yes, those pesky poopsicles! One dark night Huckleberry spooked Duncan, who spooked Juniper, who spooked me, who slipped on a poopsicle and I just about met an early end. My goodness they're dangerous.

  3. You. Are. So. Brave. But I had to laugh. I actually stumbled on a frozen GSD "poopsicle" the other morning; a bit of a rare event in this desert. Rebecca2

  4. Those poopsicles are quite dangerous. Although our first time heifer has been leaving them in her stall. Wish she'd be more tidy and just go in a corner!