Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Inscrutability of Cats

"Hey Mom, what do you suppose is wrong with that Yellow Cat?  Rolling and squirming around like that - there has to be something the matter with him don't you think?  Maybe Ma should call the vet?"

"Beats me. Maybe he's got colic."

"I mean really, have you SEEN what cats eat?  Disgusting!!  It's a wonder they don't have colic all the time.  Seriously, anyone who actually eats moles has just GOT to have problems, right?"

"I don't know Mom, it's hard to tell.  Cats are just so weird, strutting around one minute, flopping all over like a fish the next then leaping up a running for their lives just cause I twitched an ear.  Cats are weird."

"I guess that's why people think they're so inscrutable and mysterious.  All that hype about curiosity and sphinxes and nine lives and blah, blah, blah..."

"Personally, I think it's just a bad case of gas.  I mean really - MOLES?!  Blech.  Ick!  Yuck!"


  1. Looks like you snagged your man!

  2. It looks like someone was just enjoying a roll in the sun.... How cute!

  3. He is starting to look cuter, but not as much as Kipper. Hey, you aren't giving him the bottled water, are you?