Thursday, October 15, 2015

Krazy Kat

This does not bode well for future generations of Barn Swallows....

I guess I have all winter to figure out a way to keep Oliver out of the nests.  Maybe I could attach a broom to his tail and he could at least clean up the cobwebs for me.

Oliver is the craziest cat.  He still wanders off on a regular basis, often disappearing for days on end.

Then, I'll see him trotting up the middle of the driveway or down the donkey lane in the pasture.  

More often though, he just shows up like he's been beamed down from space.  

 Hmmm, come to think of it, that could explain a lot.

When he is here, Oliver is everywhere.

Not only climbing the walls, but dashing about under everyone's feet.

He did a zoom-by this afternoon and managed to zip between all 12 hooves on the farm.   

Then he went donkey trekking with us.  I can't tell if Oliver is really brave or insanely foolhardy.  

Probably both.  He does make me wonder just how many of his nine lives he has left.


  1. the rafter climbing is worrying but he is the coolest cat. I love his supreme self-confidence

  2. Let's hope this interesting little guy has at least seven or eight lives left. With the choices that some cats make, they NEED all nine lives.

  3. Maybe you'll catch him trekking his way to the roof then you can block off his access.

    I suspect he has been around animals before. He may have another farm family he visits ;-)

  4. Holy Cow that is a kwazy cat! But I'm impressed with his climbing ability. Thanks for the note that Conner got a quick swim and dock dive in before snow. We are on our last ones as well I am sure!