Sunday, October 4, 2015

Changing of the Guard

We took all the dogs hiking over at the lake this afternoon. There are nice trails around it that Tanner and I used to walk on nearly every day.

I realized this afternoon that I haven't been back there since we took Tanner for one last visit just about a year ago...

 This crazy pup certainly takes up a lot of space in the world, but I do still miss Tanner.

The new generation had tons of fun though...

Bess and Connor's first trip to the lake.
Kelsey, the middle child, always getting overlooked.

It's not easy being the middle child, as Kelsy and I can bot attest....

....especially not with big, squishable puppies around

And the last of the Old Guard, Scout (Tanner's litter-mate) will be 13 this month

Last year, there was a Blue Heron fishing along the shore, annoyed by our presence.  Tanner was too sick to do anything about it.  This year, Connor spotted him and herded him off to the other side of the lake just like Tanner would have if he could have.


  1. what a beautiful place to hike. I miss hiking with d'Arcy but he's too sore afterwards now.

  2. Missing Tanner makes me think of all the dogs I've bid farewell. Bittersweet.

  3. I can't believe it's been a year since your beautiful boy has gone. What a great place to go, though!

  4. Scout, Kelsey, and I miss Tanner too, but we all had lots of fun on the hike this weekend, Bess too!

  5. What lovely pups and what a beautiful day in a gorgeous place!

  6. That's an especially lovely pic of Bess. Yes we always miss the old guard. The puppies fill a new place in our lives and hearts, not the dear old ones' places.