Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not quite ready for the driving test, but...

We've finally started playing around with the idea of Driving Donkeys again.  That means playing around with the sled, getting Emma and Ramsey used to the thing dragging around behind them, listening to voice cues, and generally putting up with odd stuff.  The hardest part so far is convincing them that I only have so many hands and can only work with one at a time for now.  That part doesn't go over so well...

That isn't separation anxiety, it's a complaint about not getting to come out and play.  Ramsey might be getting to do something really fun after all.

Don't be fooled by his rather dour expression, that was because some very nasty little gnats with an appetite for donkey-ears have suddenly made an unwanted appearance.  He really does think this is a great game.

But, we kept the lesson short and made sure Emma got to come out and have some fun too.

Now if I could just figure out a way to grow a few more hands so I wouldn't keep decapitating her...


  1. Donkeys are soooo hard to photograph, they want to be close to you all of the time.

    I understand about trying to teach one at a time. I do have a round pen which really helps.
    I don't have a harness so haven't tried to teach one to drive or pull yet.
    I do let them drag things attached to my little saddle to get used to spooky monster things.

    They usually stop fussing in about 50 seconds!

  2. Need volunteers for the sled? I have a few.

  3. I can totally relate, it is so hard to take pictures when we are trying to do things with the four legged members of our family.

  4. Yay! I used the same sled when introducing my Halfinger to driving. I can't wait to see your donkeys hooked up! Are you planning on driving single or team?

    1. I'd like to do both, but will probably end up driving double for the most part because they are such a tight unit. We have a long way to go before we have to worry about it though:)

  5. Fun with and for the donkeys :-)

    Not enough hands! I have tried to lead train two foals at the same time. NOT a good idea !!

    Emma is turning into a dapple?!?! She does look like my gelding!

  6. Ramsey looks very serious about his 'driving'. Emma's bray from the barn cracks me up!

  7. You made me laugh right out loud :)

  8. So much fun, the donkeys will love it! Can't wait to see more!